2605 S. Decatur Blvd Ste 105
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Inside the
Sahara Decatur Plaza

 Everyone always asks how the hell Angie got mixed up in this t-shirt gig; this is the story.

 Early 2002, Angie Morelli was in the Marines and getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan when a fellow Marine was getting out of the military and had a vinyl plotter that he wanted to sell. She purchased the plotter and all of the materials and started coming up with new designs and ideas. The business was called Digital Decals and a website was set up to act as an online catalog as to what was available.  She would make hundreds of decals in all different sizes and colors, trying to have at least one new one every time she went, and would go on base at MCAS New River from squadron to squadron, school house to school house, selling these decals. Soon Marines started expecting her, giving her ideas, and the word spread about these helicopter and Marine decals.


After coming back from Afghanistan fall of 2004, Angie approached an audio shop in Jacksonville called Street Sounds and started going up there every Wednesday and Saturday to sell decals, on top of selling decals on base. Soon after, she had to opportunity to have an office at Onslow Audio and sold decals out of there for a while.


She then expanded to selling decals on Ebay and out of a scrapbook store. She built up her catalog and used most of her free time making decals and learning about her plotter programs.


 Summer of 2006, Angie got out of the military and opened a small kiosk in the Jacksonville Mall. It took her two weeks to build up a bunch of decals for show, make the crappy little display she made, and file all of the appropriate paperwork to open, finally opening Sept 15, 2006. Digital Decals was immediately a hit and by the middle of October it was clear they had outgrown the cart.


November 1, Digital Decals opened an in-line store with Unique Sports at the Jacksonville Mall. January 2007, all of the holiday money that was made got dumped back into the business by investing in a heat press, the machine that presses vinyl into clothing. They started with just black and white shirts and black and white vinyl, then slowly started adding more shirt colors and vinyl colors as they made more money. They added hoodies, then zip-ups, kids shirts, baby clothes… anything that a customer asked for became an idea and once it was asked for more than 3 times, it was added to the inventory.


Unique Sports moved out, My Wicked Scents moved in, and they kept cracking until they got too big for that store. Digital Decals and My Wicked Scents closed at the Jacksonville Mall that April. A loyal fan literally threw himself against the gate when they were inside packing up and said he would stay there until we opened again.


Without any sort of backup plan, and nothing to tell customers besides to keep checking the website, the girls looked for a new location and found one across from MCAS New River.


Angie Morelli & Wendy Meyer

Digital Decals & My Wicked Scents

Angie unplugging the open sign on the first day at the Plum Pointe Store.

October 2007, Angie moved to Las Vegas, NV to open the new Customistic: Decals, Shirts & Stuff in the Boulevard Mall.


The new store needed a new name because it wasn’t just decals anymore, so after a semi-formal contest and votes from friends, “Customistic” won.  Customistic opened October 18th, 2007 at The Boulevard Mall in Las Vegas, NV.  Considering Customistic was opened the month after the recession started, in Las Vegas, in the Boulevard Mall… well, we will just say the next few years got interesting.  After a year and a half in the first location, the wing the store was in was almost vacant.  Customistic relocated to their second store in the mall.

 Picture 012 Picture 019 Picture 023 Picture 033 CIMG1174

And in February of 2011 we had to move again.  We re-opened in March in the back wing of the mall where the old pet store used to be.  We swear to this day it was haunted with puppies of Blvd Mall past.

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After only nine months in this location, we were forced to move again.  That’s when we decided we were getting out and going someplace where we wouldn’t have to be closed to relocate once a year.  There is actually a whole story written about this in the Review Journal (links available under “Press”).  But we decided to move to the southwest corner of Sahara and Decatur to be close enough to cater to our loyal fans, and to be centrally located and convenient for everyone else.   AND WE LOVE IT.

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We have been open in this location since November of 2011 and we are here to stay!  We are in the same shopping complex as Mary’s Famous Hash House, Seven Tattoo Parlor, GQ Cuts Barbershop, Still Smokin’ Head Shop, Aloha Kitchen & Bar, the Battery Source and many more businesses.  Come get a shirt made and grab a breakfast, a tattoo consultation, a haircut, paraphernalia, a drink or some batteries while you wait.

Or just come say hi!  We always have some free decals, great music, cookies, smiles,  stories or something else to share.