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What’s the difference?

We use vinyl and heat press it into the garment. This is the highest quality way of getting garments customized. But there are other ways of doing it, so let’s explain.

Screen Printing- this is the way that most people are familiar with. The ink is applied to the garment through a stencil like application. This is a good process for large runs because the shirt price goes down considerably with the amount of shirts you purchase. This is recommended for huge orders that the quality isn’t the main concern, and you are looking for the same design on every shirt. Screen printing, over time, will crack and peel, longevity depending on the printer. You usually have to make a minimum order of at least 50 garments of similar size, and you always have to pay a “screen fee” which usually start at around $40. We do take orders for screen printed shirts (and recommend it for large orders such as charity runs, or give-aways) but we don’t recommend it for say, business uniforms, or smaller orders. Tell us what your need is and we will recommend what is best to fulfill it.

Air brushing- Air brushing is where the design is hand drawn with a process similar to fine spray painting onto the shirt using a special ink gun. This is an acquired taste as far as desired effect for a custom shirt. Air brushing is recommended for things such as shoes, or other things that are not able to be customized in other ways, but air brushing has a specific look to it. We do not air brush here in this store, but we can recommend a good air brusher if you ask us.

Embroidery- Embroidery is where you have the design stitched into the garment. Embroidery is like screen printing, where you are exposed to a “digitizing fee” for what you are getting embroidered. Embroidery is like air brushing, where if that is what you are looking for, then that’s the look you are looking for and you can’t usually substitute it. We do not currently offer embroidery services, but we are looking into getting a machine in the future. In the mean-time we can recommend a good embroiderer upon request.

Direct to Garment or DTG- DTG printing is where the garment is basically placed in a big inkjet printer, and the image is printed directly onto the garment. DTG printing is a fairly new process in the customization world, and like all new things, has gotten a bad rep. Most DTG printers utilized today are not very good quality and have many restrictions, such as only being able to use black or white shirts, or not being able to use dark colored shirts (because of problems with white ink getting clogged in the tubes of the machine). But the DTG process is evolving, and getting better, and we have found a machine that looks very promising and we are in the process of trying to obtain one. This will give us the ability to print multiple colored designs on shirts, print over seems, print more kinds of surfaces and print cheaper large runs. We do have a very skilled and quality DTG printer and can get you these shirts. Come in an order today!

If you are comparing stores or kinds of printing, we recommend getting a sample of what you are wanting to see what quality it will be before you buy multiples. And if you ask us for our opinion on what is the best way for you to fulfill your needs, we will always honestly tell you what is the best way for you to go, even if we do have to turn away business. Please contact us with any questions.

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