Custom Shirts & Signs made in 20 minutes!
Open 10am - 7pm Everyday
(Except Sundays)
(702) 796-8236
2605 S. Decatur Blvd Ste 105
Las Vegas, NV 89102
Inside the
Sahara Decatur Plaza


Can’t stop by?  Here is your immediate portal to our store!  There are shots from six different views, so make sure you keep clicking on the white arrows to see everything going on in the store.

Want to have even more fun and get a discount on your next purchase?  Check out the scavenger hunt below.

Don’t forget to try it on your phone, it’s extra snazzy from there!

Play our virtual tour scavenger hunt! Get up to 30% off your next sale* by answering questions based on our tour. One percent off for every question answered correctly and private messaged to our facebook page ( How many can you answer?

  1. Who is getting sucked into MegaDesk (the blue table in the middle of the store) on the fifth shot?
  2. What color are the wings of the fairy waving her wand at the heat press?
  3. Who is on the money that karate Jay-Z is holding?
  4. Dr. Drake is cutting what fruit with his machete?
  5. What is Elvis drinking?
  6. What is T-shirt Banana Batman Fairy holding in his hand while posing with T-shirt Monkey Fairy?
  7. What business is Hillary promoting?
  8. What animal is floating in thin air?
  9. What ancient artform is the Plaid Fox and T-shirt Peace Ninja Fairy engaged in with the fourth shot?
  10. What is hanging from the tank top rack behind the counter?
  11. According to the toddler shirt, naps are for what?!
  12. According to multiple posters around the store, posters featuring Bruce Lee were celebrating 75 years of what?
  13. The Last Bout Sin City Roller Girl poster is signed by which former rollergirl/former t-shirt fairy?
  14. What was the plant by the sign that read “Men’s Tanks”?
  15. What action figure can be seen next to a pirate parrot?
  16. One of our T-shirt Ninja Fairies is wearing a tank that says, “Rage against _________”?
  17. What female hero can be seen hanging upside down on the couch?
  18. According to the four color shirt, what do the kids want?
  19. “_________ for the Win!” is a shirt for a friend of the store running for judge.
  20. Which of our six steps is Miley Cyrus doing in the third shot?
  21. Which of our six steps is Christopher Walking doing in the second and third shot?
  22. Which of our six steps is David Copperfield doing in our second and third shot?
  23. Which of our six steps is Dr. Drake doing in our second and third shot?
  24. Which of our six steps is Plaid Fox and T-shirt Banana Batman Fairy doing in the third shot?
  25. How much are custom Christmas Stockings?
  26. What is anonymous protesting for?
  27. Who is on the top mousepad?
  28. “This house is protected by” what, according to a display?
  29. “Proud Auntie of a US ________” according to a display?
  30. Who sings the song displayed on the stop sign?
  31. “In case of fire, rescue my” what?
  32. The first decal ever designed by Angie, which started this whole crazy business, is on a black shirt and reads, “The Fewer, The Prouder, ________”

Which of our Six Steps is our Blue Faced, Plastic Ax wielding little one doing in the second shot?
  33. Who is on the shirt that our President is looking at in the second shot?
  34. Our T-shirt Ninja Rage Against the Fairy is holding a shirt that is from what Customistic icon?
  35. What are our paper plates shaped like?
  36. What good luck charm is hanging above our door?